Planning for the establishment of the Mildura Workingman’s Bowling Club commenced in early 1935, on 24th February 1936 a Special meeting of its members were called to consider the formation of the club with 28 members in attendance.  The Club was established and the first elected President was J. Egan 1936-37.  The Club was organized and operated as sports sub-committee of the Mildura Working Man’s Sport and Social Club, located in Deakin Ave.  To celebrate the official opening by the Mayor and his wife on 20th February 1937, refreshments provided were finger food provided by the members and a 9 gallon keg and 2 dozen soft drinks.  A game of 12 ends cost 6 pence and prizes for tournaments were a spoon or fork, how thing have changed. During the years greens were erected and clubrooms provided and membership was initially small, it grew over the years.

One member that needs to be mention is N. Deering who for many years was the Manager of the Mildura Working Man’s Sports and Social Club and through his tireless efforts in obtaining support through the Board was instrumental in securing funds and continued support even after his retirement from the main club.

In1942 the ladies joined bowls and became associate member of the Club, although few in members they have had success with Pennants over the years.

In the mid 90’s the Club decided it was time to do some renovations to the Clubrooms by utilising funds that they had accumulated.  In the later 90s early 2000 a major renovation was completed and members satisfied with the end results, unfortunately about 2004/05 the club was asked to find another home.

During the time in Deakin Ave the membership grew and the Club was very successful in the Sunraysia Pennant competition.  Hosted many visits from interstate Clubs and conducted many varied and successful bowls tournaments and social days and evenings.

In 2005 the Bowling Club, after the main club was sold the Bowling Club had to be relocated, some wanted to buy the facilities from the new owners and other wanted a clean break.  It was resolved that the Bowling Club would move and a steering committee was established.

The steering committee had discussions with Mildura Bowls Club to consider that the Working Man’s Bowling Club be relocated to their facilities   This would allow the two clubs to share the one facility which was a good deal for both organizations.

The appointed steering committee produced an agreement which both parties agreed to and in 2006 the Mildura Workingman’s Bowling Club moved into the Mildura facilities in Cureton Ave, there were some initial problems but it has worked well for both Clubs.  In 2008 both Clubs working together install modern lights on the four greens and worked together to obtain permanent water for maintaining our excellent greens.  Since 2008 the Club has installed retractable blinds on the riverside of the greens.


In 2013 with unification the Club Constitution was rewritten with the major change was a name change to Mildura Workers Bowls Club Incorporated.

The Club became a member of Good Sports being the first bowling club in Sunraysia to achieve Level 3 and in 2013 was awarded the Region Winner of Good Sports Club of the year.

The Club always looking after its members underwent and achieved accreditation as a Healthy Environment Club and is actively creating a competitive, friendly and family orientated club.

A sub-committee has been established to produce concept and plans to renovate or clubroom with an aim to provide more room, upgrading bar area and bar, utilizing the view over the greens, with a end result of better facilities for not only the members but to the wider community, plans are expected by end of Jan 16.  In later 2016 a Special meeting of members was called to discuss extensions to the clubrooms and all members agreed to go ahead with the extensions.

In 2017 the club celebrated a milestone of 80 years and still looking to the future and the next celebration 100 years.  Late 2017 saw the extensions commence and from the start to the completion of the extensions, a special mention for the then President Barry Ryland who took on the job as project manager and done a magnificent job, always there identifying possible problems, dealing with problems, changing the way things were completed and saving the Club considerable dollars through his excellent job.

On Saturday 17 November 2018 we called upon Lola Cameron and Billy Walker, Life Members, to officially open our new extensions.  As you enter our modern new clubroom you are greeted with a wall displaying the Melbourne Paddle Steamer bicentennial celebrations depicting Mildura, we can seat 100 comfortably and offering an exceptional viewing platform for lawn bowls with a 5 metre red gum bar (longest in Mildura keeping with the old tradition of the Working Man’s Club), modern cool room, finally matching chairs, thanks to Russell Wheeler and his generous son, clubroom now being the envy of other clubs.

Another issue was the Honor Boards, some like them some did not, after many discussions an agreement was reached at a Special meeting.  There is one large board representing the Working Man’s Bowling Club and a wall of glass depicting the Mildura Workers Bowls Club from 2013 forward.  Most seem happy with the results and they are eye catching and modern.

2020 both clubs under the banner of the Joint Management Committee are moving forward looking at extending and upgrading the toilets and kitchen inside the building.  The goal is to relocate male and female toilets to better suit both clubs and provide better access to the kitchen, both of these areas are way over due for an upgrade.   22nd March 2020 is a date to remember, all clubs are in lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has change the world and the way we can socially reach with others.  There has been now roll ups or practice and no income since 22nd March and now its 10 May 2020, we are hoping for an announcement from the Premier of Victoria tomorrow.  Only time will tell how we emerge from our current situation of social distancing and Stay Home.